Our Natural Ethics


Here at Sheabynature, we make our products using the best quality ingredients that we can find. We use a wide range of natural plant derived rich oils in our formulation. We believe that all that we need to care for our skin have been provided by nature and we do our best to adhere to this policy. Our policy is to make products that are natural, and safe to use for the whole family. What we put on our skin ultimately finds it's way into our body. This is why we strive to use the simplest natural ingredients which are for the large part edible, to make our products. From time to time, we find that there are no natural alternatives to a specific ingredient that we want to use, in that case we look for a safe approved alternative. This is usually common in the case of preservatives, and certain Fragrances where it is necessary for us to make sure that the product lasts for several months. In this case, we look for preservatives that have been approved by the soil association or Ecocert or other such bodies. 

We want you to buy Sheabynature products with confidence, that is why we take care to create rich products which are safe, natural and effective for the whole family.