Our History In Brief

SheaByNature is the UK's specialised Natural, Ethical Shea Butter skin care manufacturer. All our natural skincare products, face creams and cosmetics products are made from organic pure unrefined shea butter sourced ethically.

Sheabynture was foounded in 2005 by Our founder and chief formulator Chinwe Russell first made soap at the age of six, helped by her Grandmother in Eastern Nigeria, Chinwe’s birthplace. Over thirty years later Chinwe gave up her job as a Recruitment Consultant to become a UK natural skin care entrepreneur.

Sheabynature skincare Ltd, starting as a hobby in 2005, now produces a wide range of luxury natural beauty products including soaps, moisturisers, anti-wrinkle products, body butters, lotions, face care products, face creams, body and face oils, hand and foot creams and the popular black soap, all containing the magic ingredient, Shea butter.

The method she uses have been passed down from her Mum, who made skin care in 1960s Nigeria, The main ingredient Shea Butter, also known as Women’s Gold, comes from the Karite tree from the Savannah regions of Africa. Known for its restorative properties, it leaves skin supple, and has been traditionally used in Africa to help conditions such as extreme dryness, eczema, cuts, burns, blemishes, wrinkles, skin rashes, rough skin and much more. With natural sunscreen properties, it suits all skin types, and the whole family.

Chinwe became seriously interested in traditional skincare making while taking an Agricultural Degree specialising in Crop Science. However, a move to France put her business ideas on the back burner, while she took another Degree in French Language Literature, and a Masters in Business Administration. Before moving to the UK in 2003 and starting her business in 2005

She pays a fair price for the raw product - processed largely by women in Africa.

From a magical childhood experience grew the expanding business Chinwe and her team run today, offering a balm for people who care about poverty, their body, and what they use on it.




Our Shea Butter comes from the nuts of the Karite Shea Butter tree (women’s gold) which grows only in the savannah regions of Africa. Shea butter’s emollient properties have been proven through centuries of use in Africa and recent clinical trials. Shea Butter is traditionally used to nourish the skin, keep it supple and young.

Shea Butter is also used to treat a variety of skin conditions such as eczema, irritations, and dryness. We use only unrefined in All our products. We use only pure Unrefined shea butter in all our natural skin care products. Pure Unrefined Shea butter contains an abundance of healing ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, proteins and shea butter has a unique fatty acid profile, and Shea Butter is a superior active body moisturiser. Unlike petroleum based moisturisers, Shea butter actually helps to restores the skin's natural elasticity. Shea butter is said to actually enable your skin to absorb moisture from the air, and as a result, it becomes softer and stays moisturised for longer.

In addition, Shea butter has natural sunscreen properties and anti-inflammatory agents. Because of shea butter's amazing properties, Shea butter is an excellent ingredient for natural soaps, body lotions and body creams. Perhaps shea butter is most effective when applied to the skin in its pure state. Regular users of pure, unrefined Shea butter notice softer, smoother, healthier skin.

Shea butter has also been shown to help with skin conditions and ailments such as extreme dryness, eczema, dermatitis, skin allergies, fungal infections, blemishes, wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, scrapes, and more. Shea butter has an earthy, nutty fragrance, free from chemicals. Our Shea butter is of premium quality, We sell one of the best quality Shea butters in the UK and that is the reason for our success, our shea butter is sumptuous and soft and easy to use. You can use Shea butter directly on your skin as an intensive daily moisturiser or you can melt it down very gently and add your favourite oils. Shea butter is good for the whole family and every family should have a pot of shea butter in the home. We use a large percentage of pure unrefined shea butter in our range of natural body butters, body cream, body lotions and natural soap handmade, we also use pure shea butter in our soap making kits and our body cream and lotion making kits so get yours today.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products which include shea body butters , lotions, creams, african black soaps, handmade shea butter soap, body oils, face creams, Anti-aging face care products, shaving oils, hair oils, lip balms, hand and footcare products and more.
Our products are available on a RETAIL basis which you can buy directly from our site right here.

Our handmade natural products are formulated using a unique blend of premium ingredients found in nature. This makes our range of handmade natural Shea butter products very unique, very moisturising, healing and luxurious. We don't just make products, we make products with a purpose.

SheaByNature Natural ethical Skin care is specialized in the development and manufacture of a wide range of handmade face creams, moisturising, ethical, natural skincare and cosmetics products using organic fair-trade Shea butter sourced from co-operative in western Africa.

Our Range of products are the best in the market and we employ traditional African techniques passed down from our ancestors. 

Chinwe Russell
Founder and Chief Formulator and Brand Owner