How to Care for your Face

Tips to care for your face.

Water, water, Water. The keep to a youthful looking face is hydration. Drink plenty of water daily. Cleanse and tone your face, use natural skincare products rich in vitamins.

Clays masks, toners, natural oil serums, and hydrations are your friends. Include plenty of vegetables and fruits with high water content into your diet. To avoid puffiness, do not eat too much carbohydrate at night. Most importantly, avoid eating too much sugar and sweets. Hydrate your skin as much as possible and scrub away dead skins to reveal fresh new skin. Massages help to improve circulation which transports oxygen and vital nutrients to your skin. Excessive heat should be avoided as it will dry out your skin. Moisturizing is key, right after you wash your face. Avoid too much face foundation as they could block your pores. If you have to use foundations, use natural mineral foundations. Stay active, include daily exercise in your routine. Get enough sleep. Avoid stress as much as you can. Protect your skin from the sun. Above all, maintain a cleansing, hydration and moisturizing regime. 

14th Jan 2021 chinwe russell

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