Soap Making Courses for Absolute beginners


The Sheabynature soap-making workshop is aimed at absolute beginners. It is designed in such a way as to enable anyone learn how to make cold or hot process soap from scratch using purely natural ingredients.

This means that you will make different batches of soap under our supervision. It is ideal for people who want to make soap as a hobby or who want to start a soap making business. This course is a one-day course with the option of finishing the following day at our lab or at your own home following our instructions. 

 In starting your soap making venture, the key consideration to bear in mind is your target market. Who are you making the soap for, what type of soap will you be making, body soap, shampoo bar, baby soap, mature skin soap etc what ever type of soap you decide to make, the basic process is the same and can be summarised below.

During sheabynature soap making course, you will receive every practical information you need to start your soap making venture. 

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