Natural Soap Making Course for absolute Beginners.

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  • Natural Shea Butter Soap Making Kit: Learn How to Make Natural Handmade Soap from Scratch with Natural Oils. Suitable for Absolute Beginners
  • Natural Soap Making Course for absolute Beginners.




Due to very popular demand we are pleased to offer you our soap making courses online. For this course, you have no need to leave the comfort of your own home. We teach you via zoom or microsoft team. 

We have helped several new soap making entrepreneurs from different countries ; France, UK, Switzerland, Thailand, Nigeria and more.


How it works, 


Step1. You decide you want to learn how to make soap 

Step 2. You call  us for an informal chat so that we can understand what you want to achieve and we decide how best to teach you. This initial consultation is free for 20 minutes. 

Step 3. You pay for your course on our site and we send you acknowledgement with the list of ingredients you  need to buy and the kitchen utensils you need - these are normally things you have in your kitchen already. We agree on a date for your course.

Step 4. On the appointed day, we teach what we have agreed, This will usually last for about 4 hours and we will do this via zoom, skype or microsoft teams. You will have your ingredients and equipments with you and you will follow along with me as  I will be making the same soap along with you so that you can follow the steps. 

Step 5. We call you the next day to see how your soap has turned out , you cut your soap and leave it to dry.

Step 6: You will then make a second batch of the recipe that we have done together but this time you will make it on your own.

Step7. We issue you with your certificate

Step 8: Follow up mentoring for 1 hour to talk about regulation, packaging and selling your soap


During sheabynature soap making online course, you will receive every practical information you need to start your soap making venture. 

Book your course today.

We teach you how to make your own professional quality, luxury handmade soaps using vegan ingredients, Like vegetable oils, essential oils, herbs and spices.
It is ideal for people who want to make soap as a hobby or who want to start a soap making business.  

In starting your soap making venture, the key consideration to bear in mind is your target market. Who are you making the soap for, what type of soap will you be making, body soap, shampoo bar, baby soap, mature skin soap etc whatever type of soap you decide to make, the basic process is the same and we will teach you this on the day.

Course Content
-Introduction:soap making, what is it?
-Chemistry of soap - Chemicals used in soap making 
-Basic soap making instructions
-Complex soap making
-Types of soap - Bar, Liquid, Traditional Soap, detergent
-Industrial soap verses handmade soap
-Commonly used oils and fats
-Oils used in Soap Making
-Equipment needed
-Health and Safety
-The Perfect recipe
-trouble shooting
Regulation and labelling, 
Sourcing raw material and packaging.
Consultation and starting your business.


Book your course today and we send you joining instructions. 

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