Test our Products Free

Welcome to Sheabynature Product testing group.

Test our Products Free!

To receive your first free product, just place your first order on our website and use the code FREE2018, this will qualify you for a discount and also for a free sample.

Every so often, we have new products which we invite our customers who are members of our product testing panel to try for free and give us their opinion on different aspects such as scent, texture, efficiency, sensitivity, duration and more. If you are a sheabynature customer and you have made at least one order on our site, this is an opportunity to try free products depending on availability of stock.

We regularly send out free samples from our top selling products for our customers to try. You could receive one free product per order, if you request for it.  We send out free product samples in exchange for an honest review from our customers. 

We rely on our customers ike you  to help us to improve our products so I will encourage you to join this panel today and share your thoughts with us. 

If you want to join our panel of testers, please complete this form.